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    Sell JUSTINE Products for Extra Cash.

    The Justine products are very popular and the packaging and brochure do most of the selling for you.

    Earn With Justine

    NB: Registrations for June 2018 closes on the 25th of June. If you want to be registered with your June order please make sure I receive your completed application, order and ID copy before this date.

    To be registered there are 3 steps to complete.
    Step 1: Application Form
    Step 2: Order Form
    Step 3: Upload your ID.

  • Step 1

    Complete the Application Form

    1. VERY IMPORTANT: Please ONLY specify a delivery address where there is always someone present to accept your package.
    2. When they deliver and there is no one to sign for your package they will send it back for a credit.
    3. Orders can no longer be delivered to post offices, if you are not at home during the day please put your work address as delivery address.
  • Step 2

    Place Your Registration Order


    1. To register with Justine, you must submit an order of at least R515 from the current brochure (BELOW). (You will automatically receive 3 brochures, if you need more, just write 2 x Feb Brochures or 5 x April Brochure. Brochures are R9.60 for one, R34 for five and R53 for ten.)

    2. The registration fee is R85 once-off and will be added to your very first order.Example: if your registration order (brochure) price is R625, you will be billed the discounted amount plus R85 registration fee, in this case (R468.75 + R85) = R553.75 (based on 25% discount on skincare products)

    3. Every month hereafter you need to submit an order of at least R515 to stay active.

    4. Delivery is free for every order placed but an admin fee of R23 will be added to every order.


    Your commission are between 10-25%, please look at the table below:



    Potential Earnings

    Gift Items / Jewellery


    Ex. for R1000 = R100 cash

    Beauty, Body, Foot, Hair Products and Fragrance


    Ex. for R1000 = R220 cash

    Skincare, Tissue Oil, Sun Care Range


    Ex. for R1000 = R250 cash

  • Place Your First Order From This July 2018 Brochure

    Justine Brochure July 2018

    Download the Justine Brochure July 2018

    To download the brochure, click below:

    Download July Justine Brochure 2018 PDF– CLICK HERE

    Open July Justine Brochure 2018 PDF– CLICK HERE

    OR just browse it below:

    This will be your initial startup order so that your account can be registered. This will count as your first order as consultant and will be at invoice price (discounted consultant price) and not brochure price.
  • Step 3

    If you have a phone, take a picture of your ID - A CLEAR PICTURE - your ID number, photo and dates should be clearly visible. Then send it to us with your completed application form.

    It must be a picture of your green ID document or ID card, not a copy. If you have an ID card, please send a pic of both sides.

    NB: Also, for us to verify your identity and that the ID belongs to you, please also take a photo of you holding the ID in front of your chest.

  • When you are done, send it to my email admin@justskinproducts.co.za and your account will be registered in about 2 work days

    P.S: We've sent you an email as well.