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Embrace the Bliss: Unveiling Justine’s Sensational July 2023 Brochure Beauty and Wellness Delights!”

 June 29, 2023

By  Liza and Danie

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Relieve & Recover

Get the Justine July 2023 brochure below:


Hey, fellow beauty enthusiasts and wellness warriors! Get ready to embark on a journey of self-care and indulgence as we delve into the magical world of Justine's July 2023 brochure. 

Brace yourselves for a lineup of extraordinary products that will nourish your skin, melt away muscle tension, and ignite your senses. 

With a dash of optimism and a sprinkle of casual charm, let's dive into the highlights of Justine's latest offerings!

Tissue Oil Active Repair Oil: Your Skin's All-in-One Savior!

Hold on tight, because Justine's new Tissue Oil Active Repair Oil is about to become your skin's new best friend!

This multipurpose wonder not only provides nourishment but also features an additional recovery complex to help alleviate muscle tension.

Tissue Oil Active Repair

Formulated to help:

  • Provide a warming, relieving effect.
  • Revive stressed skin and muscles.
  • Ease muscle tension.

Kiss goodbye to those nagging neck, back, and shoulder knots caused by stress, and say hello to blissful relief!

Imagine a world where muscle stiffness and stress-induced tension melt away effortlessly. 

Well, that dream becomes a reality with Justine's Tissue Oil Active Repair Oil. And here's the cherry on top: this incredible potion is available for the unbeatable price of just R169 this month!

So, wave goodbye to muscle woes and embrace the serenity of supple, revitalized skin with Justine's Tissue Oil Active Repair Oil.

A-Firm Hydro Plus Skincare Range: A Hydration Oasis for Your Skin!

Winter is notorious for wreaking havoc on our precious skin, leaving it dry, lacklustre, and in desperate need of hydration. 

But fear not, dear friends! Justine's A-Firm Hydro Plus Skincare Range is here to rescue you from the clutches of winter dryness.

Get ready to bask in the hydrating wonders of this miraculous range!

With its powerful blend of moisture-boosting ingredients, the A-Firm Hydro Plus range is a hydration oasis for your skin, especially during these chilly winter months.

Bid adieu to flaky patches and dull complexions as this range works its magic, leaving you with a radiant, supple glow that will turn heads wherever you go.

Fragrance Combos: Unleash Your Scent-sational Side!

Ah, the allure of a captivating fragrance! Justine understands the power of scents in making a lasting impression.

That's why they've put together an irresistible fragrance combo in their July brochure: the Tabasheer all 3 pack. 

Brace yourself for a fragrance journey like no other!

This enchanting combo includes a roll-on, body cream, and parfum deodorant spray, all for the incredible price of R159. But wait, there's more!

The star of the show is the Tabasheer perfume itself, an elegant masterpiece with notes of rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley, underscored by the seductive undertones of musk and patchouli.

Indulge your senses and unleash your inner allure with the Tabasheer fragrance collection.

Joshua Weekender Bag: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality!

Ladies let's not forget about the men in our lives who deserve a touch of style and practicality. Enter the Joshua Weekender bag from Justine!

This military green marvel is not your ordinary travel companion. It's a ruggedly stylish statement piece designed to elevate any man's ensemble.

With its dual fabric, side shoe compartment, adjustable shoulder strap, and durable handles, the Joshua Weekender bag is the epitome of functionality.

But that's not all! It's easy-to-clean fabric ensures that it withstands the test of time, becoming your go-to bag for all your adventures. 

Whether he's off on a weekend getaway or hitting the gym, this bag will accompany him in style.


Justine's July 2023 brochure is a treasure trove of beauty and wellness delights, designed to pamper and uplift your spirits.

From the skin-nourishing prowess of the Tissue Oil Active Repair Oil to the hydrating magic of the A-Firm Hydro Plus Skincare Range, Justine has your skincare needs covered.

Don't forget to indulge your senses with the captivating Tabasheer fragrance collection and treat the man in your life to the ruggedly stylish Joshua Weekender bag.

So, go ahead and embrace the blissful journey of self-care with Justine's sensational July offerings. You deserve it!

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