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Why you should try the Tissue Oil GOLD Serum

 July 13, 2022

By  Liza and Danie

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As we settle into another winter season, our skin gets exposed to colder weather that steals moisture from the skin every second of every day; therefore, you want to load on all the hydration you can get.

Boost any skincare regime this winter with the new Tissue Oil Gold Botanical Facial Sculpting Serum, a luxurious blend of Tissue Oil Gold made by JUSTINE with South African skin in mind. 

The Tissue Oil Gold Botanical Facial Sculpting Serum is a rich, anti-ageing facial serum which consists of anti-ageing actives & vitamins.

Formulated with exotic, luxurious botanicals that help to lift & plump skin to reveal a more sculpted, defined look.



Carrot Oil: Renowned for its anti-ageing properties 

morrocan rose

Moroccan Rose Oil: Revitalises tired skin.


Lavender Flower Extract: Has a calming effect on the skin. 


Rosehip Seed Oil: Enhances skin flexibility. 

Like all JUSTINE products, the Tissue Oil Gold Serum is backed by science and clinical studies. Based on their clinical studies these are the improvements you can expect.

Days 3

Skin smoothness is increased.

Days 14

Skin firmness & elasticity are increased.

Days 28

Wrinkle depth is decreased & skin looks younger.

Why is it important to use a serum?

“Serums are light viscosity cosmetic products that contain concentrated amounts of active ingredients; the “lightness” of the formula allows delivery of actives to the skin quickly, for larger amounts of active molecules to penetrate the skin’s surface for optimum efficacy.”

- Mucha Mutasa
Research & Development Program Leader, Justine.

And while we are talking about extraordinary benefits, combine the serum with the Tissue Oil Gold Facial Rejuvenation Cream during the day your skin will experience over 10 anti-ageing benefits, including even skin tone, firming & smoothing results, while also providing your skin with essential UV protection.


Dudu K

Justine Customer

My skin looked instantly radiant the first time I used the Justine Gold Facial Rejuvenation Cream! I was completely blown away at how moisturizing this cream is and how it leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowing the entire day! I can't wait to use it in winter as well, the texture is perfect!

Then, at night, use the Tissue Oil Gold Botanical Facial Sculpting Cream to provide your skin with essential overnight moisture, promoting firmer, smoother & more defined facial contours.


Kerri-lee C

Justine Customer

My mom used to sell Justine back in the eighties, when I opened the Tissue Oil Gold the smell brought back happy memories of me helping her set up at Justine parties. The product itself is fantastic, my skin feels so good, so hydrated and of course I LOVE the smell!

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