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  • Once we receive your details, AVON will do an ITC check and depending on the outcome you will either qualify for a credit account or pre-pay account.
  • If you qualify for a credit account and your order is within the credit amount, they will send the order and you will receive it in 4 to 5 work days and have 21 days to pay for it, if you qualify for a pre-pay account they first need the discounted amount paid before they send the order.
  • If you qualify for credit and the order is bigger than the credit, the difference needs to be paid upfront, then they send the order and you have 21 days to pay the rest of the order. But we will keep you updated when you are registered and let you know exactly how it works.

Download the latest Brochure

Make your opening order from this brochure, an opening order of at least R625 is required for your account to be active to start to receive the free gifts.

Get FREE products in your first 4 months, see below:

Avon Free Products
Avon Free Products month 3 and 4



You must be at least 18 years or older.


To register with AVON, you require an opening order of at least R625 from the current brochure

(You will automatically receive 2 brochures, if you need more, just write 2 x Feb Brochures or 5 x April Brochure. Brochures are R14.90 for one, R47 for five and R75 for ten.)


The registration fee is R105 once-off and will be added to your very first order.

Example: if your registration order is R600, you will be billed R585 (R480 + R105) (based on the 20% discount for orders)


Every month hereafter you need to submit an order of at least R625 to stay active.


Delivery is free for every order placed but an admin fee of R28.50 will be added to every order.

How do you earn?


Your commission is between 15% and 35%

When you start, you will begin with 20% commission.

Then after your first 4 months, the combined sales of those 4 months will determine on which level you continue for the remainder of the quarter. Thereafter you will qualify for the percentage of commission according to the total combined amount of your sales over the previous quarter (3 months, Jan to March, April to June, July to Aug, Sept to Dec).

Commission Table

This is how it works:

  1. You show the brochure to a customer
  2. The customer places the order with you and gives you the amount for the item(s) according to the price in the current brochure. You can either ask the customer to pay you up-front, or after delivery.
  3. You place the order with AVON who then invoices you the discounted amount.
  4. You pay AVON the discounted amount that they’ve sent to you on SMS or as it shows on your invoice.
  5. Keep the rest of the money in your pocket.

Let’s look at the discount structure again:

You can earn between 15 to 35%, depending on your total sales during the last quarter. You will qualify on one of the six statuses after every quarter.

The quarters are (January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December)

We can also promote you to leader where you will be able to build your own team and earn more. We can help you with that and give you training after you get started!


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