Rebel Edp, Pearls & Handbag

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Rebel Perfume Combo with Correcting Pearls and Sandy handbag

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  • Colour correcting pearls

Lilac – revitalize

Yellow- blurs dark circles

Cream – highlights

Green – reduces redness

Peach – blurs dark sports

  • Rebel Edp 50ml, Purse Spray 10ml, Lotion 150ml

Oriental Floral Scent

  • Sandy Handbag

Tan, faux-leather handbag

With textured, silver toned handle.

Features: side details with gold-toned


Includes an inner-zipped pocket

28cm x 12 cm x 33cm

Take Note: Please check stock before you order. All bags have a 60 day money back guarantee (returns must be sent one week before) Its not genuine leather there for its a every other day bag and do not overload.



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