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2 Responses to Justine Brochure October 2017

  1. HI

    I have received the wront items from Consultant so is it possible to change & how long does it take to receive the correct item Ordered ?

    • Hi Ruth, please note that each consultant operates independently from Justine/Avon. What you will need to do is get into contact with the Consultant so that she knows that you have received the incorrect items and that she can resolve the issue. Consultants may return items back to head office within 60 days so there shouldn’t be a problem but you will need to communicate with your consultant.


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Hello! The holiday season is here and we hope that you will have a great year end! We too are taking some time off and all orders placed here after the 12th of December 2017 will only be delivered in the second week of January. You can still request info to JOIN. Thanks Dismiss