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2 Responses to Justine Brochure December 2017

  1. Hi I saw your DECEMBER 2017 BROCHURE while on holiday in The Strand. We live in AllensNek, Roodepoort.

    I did send through an order WHILE STOCK WAS ON SPECIAL (until 31 DEC) to Justine CT, but was told they were closed.

    Is there any way, you could help me with the following order:

    1. x 2 Nailcare Gel Finish Nail Enamel RASPBERRY
    2. x 1 Nailcare Gel Finish Topcoat Code 7570
    3. Blue Zero Set Code 9253.

    You had the above in your December 2017 Catelogue.

    Is there any way I could still get them at those SPECIAL prices? Or not?

    Thank you


    • Hi Lynne

      Unfortunately once a brochure ends at the last day of every month you will not be able to order from that brochure anymore.
      Justine’s stock regularly rotates to be on special and in February the Nailcare Gel Finish Topcoat and the Nail Enamel is again R69 each.

      The Blue Zero EDP and Roll-On will also be on special in February for R269 for both.

      (P.S we are not JUSTINE but Independent JUSTINE Business Leaders)


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