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Justine – Skincare, Fragrance and Cosmetics for South Africa

Justine – Skincare, Fragrance and Cosmetics for South Africa

Justine Searching for Justine to give your skin the total care it needs?

Since the company started in 1973 it grew immensely in size and experience.

Today there are over 60 000 “Justine” consultants in South Africa. Do you still remember the first and original Tissue Oil?

This product is still available but now it’s also available in the Gold version with added Vitamin C.

The technology used in creating the Tissue Oil Gold is the best in the world. If you have scars on your skin that you would like to get rid of then give it a go, you will thank me!

Justine – The Products

The skin is the body’s largest organ and consists mainly of water and protein.

It needs to be nourished with amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids and also needs to be kept hydrated with moisture and oil in order to keep it soft, smooth and supple.

Justine has a skincare range available for every type of skin. From normal to oily and combination skin creams and lotions, they have it all.

The products are all quality guaranteed so you can have peace of mind when using them.

The anti-ageing skin care range called “A-Firm Preventative” starts with a formula for women at age 25 or more. The anti-ageing range for women of 45 years and up works wonders on the skin, the range is called “A-Firm Time Reversal”.

Results from the usage of these products can be seen in as little as two weeks (Based on consumer studies).

Justine – Fragrance

Did you know most perfumes are made up of a combination of many different scents?

That’s what makes each fragrance unique. Tabasheer from the chypre fragrance family is our most favorable fragrance and smells simply divine.

You have to give it a try!

Justine – Cosmetics

Justine is committed to bringing you make-up products that not only provide vibrant shades with excellent coverage, but also offer additional skincare benefits such as anti-ageing, sun protection, moisturizing and mattifying.

It’s color that cares.

Justine – The Opportunity

You and I can talk about the downward spiral of the economy all we like but that will not put more moo-la in our pockets.

The only thing you can do is get creative and let things happen for yourself.

Justine provides the perfect opportunity to assist you in creating that extra few bucks every month. In a few short years you can even do this full-time and get a full-time income like I’m doing for the last 3 years.

When you register as a Justine consultant you get up to 25% discount on the products. Sell R5,000 worth of skincare products every month and you pocket about R1,200 without too much effort.

I should’t say it’s easy but as always, you will get out what you put in.

Justine is there to assist you with an excellent brochure with new specials each and every month. If this sounds like something you would like to do then go here and fill out the form so I can send you more info – Join Justine


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About Justine Make-Up

About Justine Make-Up

Justine is committed to bringing you make-up products that not only provide vibrant shades with excellent coverage, but also offer additional skincare benefits such as anti-ageing, sun protection, moisturizing and mattifying… It’s color that cares. Selecting the correct shades and applying make-up correctly can be quite daunting. This guide aims to provide you with guidance. Skin preparation Preparing… Continue Reading

Justine Fragrance for Women

Justine Fragrance for Women

Tabasheer The Soul of a woman. The Tabasheer woman She is sophisticated, warm and full of promise, mystery and fascination. She is sensious, confident and timeless and everything about her conveys modern elegance. Fragrance Family Chypre Fragrance description Spicy top notes of bergamot, tangerine and clove blend into a rich floral heart of rose, jasmine… Continue Reading

Justine Tissue Oil Range

Justine Tissue Oil Range

Justine Tissue Oil Range For over three decades, Justine’s Tissue Oil has been a trusted name among South Africans. This ultra-nourishing, luxurious collection caters to a variety of skincare needs and there are also regular launches of limited edition Tissue Oil products. Reason to believe: Rich in delicate oils and other extracts from nature, these… Continue Reading

Justine Ultrasun Skincare Range

Justine Ultrasun Skincare Range

Justine Ultrasun Skincare Range Justine’s trusted Ultrasun range provides high-quality, effective protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB exposure. Reason to believe: Ultrasun not only provides protection against the harsh South African sun but also provides soothing and caring benefits. Ultrasun Lip Shield SPF 25 All skin types Action Relieves dry, chapped lips… Continue Reading

Justine Skin Management for Men

Justine Skin Management for Men

This range offers the modern man an everyday skincare regimen. The products work in synergy to manage the specific needs of men’s skin effortlessly and effectively. Reason to believe: Men’s skins undergo unique stresses such as the irritation of shaving. These products contain soothing ingredients to help their skin look good and well rested. Triple-Action… Continue Reading

Justine Transform Range

Justine Transform Range

Justine Transform Range The Justine Transform range is an intensive range of anti-ageing treatments designed to give dramatic results without the need to undergo painful cosmetic procedures. Reason to believe: Our cosmetic scientists have carefully selected highly advanced ingredients to ensure that these products deliver outstanding results. Transform Re-texturising Microdermabrasion Exfoliator All skin types except… Continue Reading


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