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This is what happens when you complete this form:

  • Once we receive your details, AVON will do an ITC check and depending on the outcome you will either qualify for a credit account or pre-pay account.
  • If you qualify for a credit account and your order is within the credit amount, they will send the order and you will receive it in 4 to 5 work days and have 21 days to pay for it, if you qualify for a pre-pay account they first need the discounted amount paid before they send the order.
  • If you qualify for credit and the order is bigger than the credit, the difference needs to be paid upfront, then they send the order and you have 21 days to pay the rest of the order. But we will keep you updated when you are registered and let you know exactly how it works.

Get FREE products in your first 4 months, see below:

Avon Free Products
Avon Free Products month 3 and 4



You must be at least 18 years or older.


To register with AVON, you require an opening order of at least R570 from the current brochure

(You will automatically receive 2 brochures, if you need more, just write 2 x Feb Brochures or 5 x April Brochure. Brochures are R11.80 for one, R40.40 for five and R63.30 for ten.)


The registration fee is R90 once-off and will be added to your very first order.

Example: if your registration order is R600, you will be billed R595 (R510 + R85) (based on the 15% discount for orders between R570 and R859)


Every month hereafter you need to submit an order of at least R570 to stay active.


Delivery is free for every order placed but an admin fee of R24 will be added to every order.

Your commission is between 12% and 30%

The bigger your order, the bigger your commission.

Sales of R570 to R859

SALES OF R860 TO R2039

SALES OF R1925 TO R6999

SALES OF R7000 or more

Fill Counter

Ex: for R650 = R97.50 comm

Fill Counter

Ex: for R1400 = R280 comm

Fill Counter

Ex: for R5600 = R1400 comm

Fill Counter

Ex: for R7000 = R2100 comm

  • During your first month, you will directly qualify for 25% discount/commission. 
  •  Jewellery and watches have a fixed discount rate of 20%.
  • All non-cosmetics, non-fragrance and non-toiletry items have a fixed discount rate of 12%.

NEXT Step, download the brochure, then complete the application form

Avon Brochure November 2020

Download the latest Brochure

Make your opening order from this brochure, an opening order of at least R570 is required to register.

Complete the application form

  • These should be the details of your closest living relative like your spouse, child, parent etc.
  • Take a clear pic of the front of your ID document/card and upload it here.
    Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • ID pic example, please make sure your ID pic is clear like the example below:

  • Hold your original ID document/card in front of your chest and take a selfie pic with your cellphone, then upload it here. (this pic is used to verify your ID)
    Max. file size: 10 MB.
  • ID selfie pic example, please make sure your ID selfie pic shows your face and the ID. This is so that we can be sure that the account being registered belongs to an actual person:

  • Your information on this page will only be used to assist you in opening an AVON account.Please read the terms here: Terms and Conditions

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