Application for managed ONLINE ADS

AVON JUSTINE is a network marketing company which means that you get commission from sales of all team members in your down-line.

When you are a leader, you will need to grow your team if you want to have success and grow an income.

There are many methods to recruit FREE but your team might not grow as quick, as a service to our team members we can run ads on your behalf. This is through paid ads and these are run on the Google or Facebook platform and reaches thousands of people.

What this means is that we create (1)a webpage, (2) an autoresponder email list and a (3) paid ad on Google or Facebook on your behalf.

Once someone click on the ad that they see on Google or Facebook, there is a charge for the click. Once the person clicked on the ad, they go to your webpage which has your details on it.

That person then have three choices, 

  1. 1) they will either leave the page, 
  2. 2) they will see your Whatsapp number on the page and send you a Whatsapp asking you for information
  3. 3) they enter their details on the form on your website to request info via email. In this case they will automatically receive a few emails enticing them to join your team and receive new email brochures every month with your details on every email.

Since this service is FREE at this time, meaning the entire amount that you pay will go towards your ads and will be what Google and Facebook charged and no service fee from me, therefore the spots are limited. Complete the form below if you are interested.  (Not everyone are approved, we need to make sure this will be a good fit for you)

NB: Ask your leader for the amount they spend on their ads  and the amount of leads they get so that you can have a guide as to how many leads you can expect to get for a specific amount of money. You will need a minimum of R500 a month to go towards your paid ads.

Applying for ONLINE ADS

IF you wish to apply for us to run AVON JUSTINE online ads on your behalf, please complete this form