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Justine Brochure October 2016

 September 30, 2016

By  Liza & Danie

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Justine Brochure October 2016

Download the Justine Brochure October 2016

To download the brochure, click below:

Download October Justine Brochure 2016 PDF– CLICK HERE

Open October Justine Brochure 2016 PDF– CLICK HERE

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  1. Good day
    I am writing to you from New Zealand. Do you supply your products overseas?
    I used them extensively whilst I lived in RSA but I haven’t been able to get them here in NZ
    thanks and kind regards

    1. Greetings!

      Thanks Caro we received your order and it’s being processed, we will ship it to you soon in New Zealand and send your tracking number.

      Thank you for you order.

    1. Hi there,

      You may join if you are from Botswana but you will need to pick up the products from a pick up point.
      The pick up point for Botswana is the Wimpy, Nelson Mandela Drive, Mafikeng, 2745.

      I’ve sent you information on how to join, if you can pick the products up from the above pick up point on Saturdays between 9am to 3pm, then you may sign up.


    1. Hi there,

      The Quilted Vanity Bag is a special product and there is no date when it will be available again, maybe only much later this year.

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