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Justine Brochure August 2016

 July 31, 2016

By  Liza & Danie

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Download the Justine Brochure August 2016

To download the brochure, click below:

Download August Justine Brochure 2016 PDF– CLICK HERE

Open August Justine Brochure 2016 PDF– CLICK HERE

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  1. Hello there

    I am a Justine. Consultant already, I want to want to know when will I qualify for credit. I have joined in January 2016. Am in Swaziland

  2. Hellow Justine,I have joined through a business leader, is it okay if I check for myself if my info is uploaded or its registered already.

    How long does my orders take to be delivered if reached the states tagert?

    1. Hi there,

      You may login directly to the justine.co.za website to check your details or phone head office at 0860102345 if you need to check your balance or update your details.
      Orders take 4 to 5 days delivery once it’s invoiced.

      1. Hi there,

        Unfortunately the Rosegold Watches are not available anymore, please have a look at page 13 of the August brochure, maybe you’ll find that watch also to your liking.

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