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Justine Brochure May 2015

 May 1, 2015

By  Liza & Danie

Justine Brochure May 2015

Download the Justine Brochure May 2015

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Download May Justine Brochure 2015 PDF– CLICK HERE

Open May Justine Brochure 2015 PDF– CLICK HERE

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This Month’s Brochure – CLICK HERE

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  1. Hi, i ve became a justine consultant about 2 jears ago. I stopped due to a stroke i had.

    Please contact me or can u look if im still on the system.

    Riki Denicker

    1. Hi Riki,

      Sorry to hear about your stroke, if your account was inactive for 6 months you would need to go through the entire application process again.
      Let me know if I can send you more info.


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