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Justine Skincare – Basic Routine

 May 24, 2013

By  Liza and Danie

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We are excited about introducing you and your skin to a daily Justine skincare routine. We’d also like to educate you about your skin and its changing needs and how to keep it looking its best. Most importantly we’d like you to experience our fantastic Justine skincare products.

The body’s largest organ is the skin. Your skin have two important layers called the epidermis and the dermis.

Tell me, how does your skin feel after you’ve done the washing up or hand washed clothes?

Household cleaners, detergents and soaps are designed to clean grease, cooking oils and dirt so their ingredients aren’t designed to look after skin and improve its appearance. They leave skin dry and damaged.Cleaning agents
Let’s talk about the effects of soap on the skin. Soap is an alkaline product and skin is acidic. Alkaline counteract acid so it causes the acid mantle of the skin to be stripped off. This neutralizes skin which means that it loses its barrier against chemical harm. It will be more prone to bacterial invasion and, because the acid mantle also protects skin against water loss, it will become dehydrated. The Justine skincare range will help you combat these negative effects.

What affects your skin? Does your skin feel dirty after sitting in an air-conditioned room? Does your skin change after taking certain medications?

Justine skincare

Some medications can really affect your skin causing sensitivity and making skin reactive. The contraceptive pill may cause photo-sensitivity and pigmentation especially around the mouth and eyes.
Your lifestyle including what you eat and drink can have a detrimental effect on your skin’s condition and appearance. Pregnancy can cause hormone level changes, leading to pigmentation and chloasma which are large brown patches.
Pollution can lead to dirt and dust particles clogging up the pores of skin. This would be more common in urban environments. A large problem, especially in our harsh South African climate, is ultraviolet or UV light from the sun which is a major factor in skin ageing and can lead to skin cancer. Working in an air-conditioned office can dry out and dehydrate your skin, Justine has just the solution for you with their moisturizers.

Sun Damage

The sun really affects the skin. The picture of the younger lady shows sunburn which is also called erythema. This is an acute effect. Other acute effects of the sun are immediate pigmentation and suntan which is also called melanogenesis. The older lady is showing what we call chronic effects of sun exposure. Her skin has lost its elasticity which has caused wrinkles. Other chronic effects of sun exposure are skin cancer and photo-ageing.

The Justine Daily Skincare range of day creams all contain an SPF, with the exception of the Soothing Day Cream. We also have the Ultrasun Skincare range which is designed to protect skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Even better, it also provides soothing and caring benefits.

Skin Type

There’s a difference between skin type and skin condition. You are born with your skin type, while a skin condition is usually something temporary and can be treated. We’ll be focusing on skin types and looking at what products you should use for a healthy, daily skincare routine. You get dry, oily and combination skin types. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, Justine has a solution for you.
Examples of skin conditions are dehydrated, oily problem, uneven skin tone and sensitive skin. If you have uneven skin tone or sensitive skin, we’ll also talk about the Justine skincare products that you can use.

Skin Care Routine
To make sure you’re looking after you skin properly, we recommend a daily three-step skincare routine. You should do this every morning and again before going to sleep in the evening.

1. Cleanse
Step one is cleansing your skin. Why is it so important to cleanse your skin? It’s important because it removes make-up and other impurities from skin. It also helps to remove germs and helps to keep pores open so your skin can breathe.

2. Tone
Step two is toning. We tone skin to remove the last traces of impurities, oil and cleanser. Toning also helps to balance the pH of your skin and has a refreshing, refining effect. Lastly, it helps to prepare your skin for the final step in your routine… moisturizing. The Justine Daily Skincare Toners are all alcohol free.

3. Moisturize
Step three is to moisturize your skin. This is done to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. It also helps to provide protection against external stresses and gives your skin a base for make-up application.

By carrying out these three steps twice a day using Justine’s Daily Skincare range, you will be giving your skin the foundations of an effective beauty regimen. Your skin will be prepared for further treatments and make-up. You will see and feel the benefits by looking after your skin with Justine’s skincare products.

Draw a face on both your hands using Justine make-up products before starting the hand demo.

Now it’s time to have some fun! Get a Justine Daily Skincare cleanser, toner and day cream that’s right for your skin type. Also get some liquid soap.
I want you to wash your right hand using the green liquid soap. After that, pat it dry with some paper toweling.
Now I’d like you to rub a little of the Justine cleanser on to your left hand to remove the make-up. Rinse it in the warm water and pat it dry.
After it’s dry, put some of the toner on to a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your left hand. Now apply a small amount of the day cream, gently patting it into the skin.

Tell me, how does your left hand feel compared to your right hand?

You can definitely feel a difference, right? That shows how using the correct Justine products for your skin type will make your skin feel fantastic! Look through the brochure to order your cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Daily Skincare Hydrating
If you’ve found through the analysis that you have dry skin, then the Justine Hydrating range is definitely for you. It is formulated with ingredients that have been carefully selected for their richly moisturizing qualities.

Hydrating Cream Cleanser
The gentle Cream Cleanser effectively removes make-up and impurities while also helping to nourish and moisturize skin. It contains moisturizing botanical extract and hyaluronic acid. Skin is left looking and feeling soft, supple and healthy”

Hydrating Toning Gel
The alcohol-free Toning Gel helps to nourish and hydrate as it tones skin. Formulated with a moisturizing complex and witch hazel extract, it helps to soothe and calm skin. The skin is left looking and feeling soft, supple and healthy.

Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15
The intensely moisturizing Day Cream SPF 15 helps to plump out skin resulting in a firmer, younger-looking complexion. It also protects skin against sun damage with a unique broad-spectrum sunscreen complex. It is formulated with a unique botanical extract and helps skin retain moisture for longer and improves the look of lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating Night Cream
The intensive Night Cream both moisturizes and hydrates very dry skin helping to restore suppleness and softness. It plumps up skin resulting in a fuller, more youthful appearance while ensuring lasting moisturizing. It contains hyaluronic acid along with an extraordinary botanical complex and helps to retain moisture for longer.

Daily Skincare Mattifying
If you’ve found through the analysis that you have oily skin, then the Justine Mattifying range is definitely for you. This range is formulated to combat shine and breakouts, and to help maintain a clear, healthy looking complexion. The carefully selected ingredients help to fight germs and regulate oil or sebum production which is critical for a matte, spot free skin.

Mattifying Clay Cleanser
The Clay Cleanser’s unique, invigorating action effectively cleanses and purifies skin resulting in a more refined and healthy appearance. Formulated with cinnamon bark extract and menthol, it helps to regulate oil and calm the skin. With sustained use, it helps to reduce oiliness and shine leaving skin looking clear and smooth.

Mattifying Toning Lotion
This invigorating, alcohol-free Toning Lotion helps to purify skin and refine texture. It contains seaweed extract and cinnamon bark extract and helps to purify and detoxify the skin. It helps to reduce the appearance of oiliness and shine to leave skin looking clear and healthy.

Mattifying Day Cream SPF 15
This light Day Cream SPF 15 helps to refine skin’s texture, control shine and protect against UV radiation. Formulated with a botanical extract and a germ-fighting ingredient, it helps to control breakouts and reduce shine. The skin maintains its necessary hydration levels while appearing naturally shine free and healthy.

Mattifying Night Cream
This lightweight, easily absorbed Night Cream helps to control shine while refining skin’s texture. It maintains the necessary hydration levels, while creating a perfectly matte look and helping skin stay free of imperfections. It contains cinnamon bark complex and helps to regulate oil production. It also features a germ-fighting ingredient and helps to fight breakouts.

Daily Skincare Balancing
If you’ve found through the analysis that you have combination skin, then the Justine Balancing range is definitely for you. This range is formulated with unique ingredients which have been specially selected for their ability to help achieve and maintain a delicate balance between oily and dry areas of the skin.

Balancing Foaming Cleanser
This gentle yet effective Foaming Cleanser cleanses and removes impurities without drying out the skin. Formulated with a botanical extract and milk protein, it helps to reduce shine, improve texture and helps to restore skin’s balance. It purifies skin leaving it looking healthier and more refined.

Balancing Toning Lotion
This refreshing, alcohol-free Toning Lotion purifies and conditions skin helping to control shine and refine texture. Formulated with witch hazel extract, it helps to soothe and calm skin. Skin is left looking soft, supple and healthy.

Balancing Day Cream SPF 15
Designed to help balance combination skin, this Day Cream SPF 15 helps to control oil in the T-zone while moisturizing the dry cheek area. Containing hyaluronic acid, it helps to draw moisture into the skin from the surrounding atmosphere. It also contains a unique broad-spectrum sunscreen complex that provides both UVA and UVB protection. It helps to improve skin’s texture and tone and enhances radiance.

Balancing Night Cream
Developed to regulate the balance of the skin, this Night Cream helps to control shine and refine texture. It provides hydration to the drier cheek area while controlling oil in the T-zone. Formulated with a botanical extract and a blend of emollients, it helps to enhance skin’s radiation while hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Skin looks and feels soft, nourished and healthy.

Daily Skincare Soothing
If you’ve found through the analysis that you have sensitive skin, then the Justine Soothing range is definitely for you. The ingredients of the Soothing range have been specially selected for their mildness and non-irritating qualities to provide the gentlest of care to vulnerable skins.

Soothing Cream Cleanser
Formulated with moisturizing and conditioning ingredients, this Gentle Cream Cleanser delicately removes make-up and impurities while also helping to nourish skin. Formulated with pro-vitamin B5 and sweet almond oil, it helps to boost skin’s moisture content and nourishes and conditions the skin. Skin looks and feels soft, supple and moisturized.

Soothing Toning Lotion
This soothing alcohol-free Toning Lotion gently removes the last traces of cleanser from skin with a conditioning, moisturizing action. Formulated with chamomile extract, it helps to calm skin. Skin is left feeling soft, supple and smooth.

Soothing Day Cream SPF 15
This soothing, richly moisturizing Day Cream helps to condition and hydrate extremely dry, sensitive skin. It imparts a calming, relieving sensation to stressed skin and helps to reveal its inner radiance. Formulated with pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, it helps to boost skin’s moisture content and nourishes, conditions and fights free radicals. Skin feels soft, smooth and supple.

Soothing Night Cream
This intensive formula is designed to both moisturize and hydrate extremely dry skin as you sleep. Its soothing, calming ingredients help to nourish and condition skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and radiant. It contains a moisturizing complex – a unique fusion of highly nourishing and conditioning ingredients- as well as Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5.

Daily Skincare Perfecting
If you’ve found through the analysis that you main skin concern is uneven tone, then the Justine Perfecting range is definitely for you. It is formulated with edelweiss extract and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, and also helps to treat and prevent skin ageing. If you use all four products together twice daily, it has been clinically shown to increase skin brightness, fade dark spots and make skin look more even toned in just two weeks.

Perfecting Gel Cleanser
The Gel Cleanser gently purifies and cleanses away dirt and make-up while also helping to enhance skin’s radiance. The skin is left feeling clean and fresh, and looks brighter and more refined.

Perfecting Toning Lotion
This refreshing, alcohol-free Toning Lotion helps to clarify skin and, when used in conjunction with the other products in the range, helps to restore even tone and improve the look of dark marks. It leaves skin feeling cool, refreshed and ready to be moisturized.

Perfecting Day Cream SPF 15
The Day Cream SPF 15 is formulated to reduce dark marks and create a more radiant, even complexion. It contains a botanically derived skin brightening complex and bear-berry extract helps the appearance of existing discolorations and inhibits further unevenness. The skin is effectively moisturized and feels smooth and supple.

Perfecting Night Cream
The concentrated formula of the Night Cream is designed to even out skin tone and improve your overall complexion while you sleep. It helps to reduce dark marks, enhance radiance and helps to maintain skin’s moisture levels leaving skin looking and feeling revived and refreshed. Formulated with a unique botanical extract and a pep-tide, it also helps to smooth skin’s texture.

Why use Justine Skincare Products?

  • Authentic premium products trusted over time. Bringing you the most powerful, innovative and natural ingredients from around the world.
  • Justine is one of South Africa’s leading skincare brands.
  • Products are developed in South Africa for the South African skin and climate.
  • Justine delivers a no-compromise performance to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best.
  • Justine keeps on top of the latest international skincare research to present you with expert formulated products that address the specific needs of your skin.
  • Justine has the answer to every skin type, problem or concern…
  • Justine Day Cream’s all contain an SPF (excluding Soothing range), however it is still recommended that you use additional SPF.
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